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About Us

We are technological and professionally managed maestro organization aiming at the most valued productivity solutions in the world of water treatment. KSP HYDRO Engineers has assembled the industry's most complete portfolio of CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY. Ours is a leading global technology services delivering business solutions to its clients.

Systems We Treat

Water treatment describes a process used to make water more acceptable for a desired end use. These can include usage as drinking water, industrial process, medical and many other users for subsequent utilization.The goal is to allow treated water to discharge into the natural environment without adverse ecological impact.
These processes may be physical such as settlement or slow sand filtration, chemical such as disinfection coagulation or biological such as lagooning, or activated sludge.

Industries We Serve

KSP Hydro delivers a broad portfolio of chemical technolog Regarding industrial water treatment services to its clients in:.


  • Biocide for mill sanitation.
  • Aldehyde based biocide.
  • Enzyme for dextrin control.
  • Colour precipitant.
  • Flocculants for mud settling.
  • Antiscalants for evaporators.
  • Viscosity Reducers.
  • Crystal growth enhancers.
  • Phosphoric acid replacement polymer.
  • Descaling chemicals (Acidity/Alkaline/Silica specific).
  • Caustic Accelerator.
  • Fireside additive for coal and bagasse.

Boiler & Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

  • Oxygen scavengers.
  • Alkalinity builder.
  • Sludge conditioner.
  • Multi-guard filming amine.
  • Antiscalants.
  • Corrosion inhibitors.
  • Biocides.
  • Bio-dispersants.
  • Biocide for seawater applications.
  • Antiscalant for seawater applications

Pulp & Paper

  • Digester additives.
  • Defoamers.
  • Slimicides.
  • Antiscalant.
  • Antiscalant for black liquor.
  • Enzymes.

Water Pretreatment & Effluent Treatment

  • Coagulants.
  • Decolorizing agents.
  • Flocculants.

Fuel Treatment

  • Combustion enhancer for coal.
  • Slag modifier.
  • Catalyst for biofuel.
  • Multipurpose fuel oil additive.
  • Furnace oil additive.
  • Diesel additive.
  • Oil sludge conditioner.


  • Enzyme for fermentation enhancement.
  • Biocide for contamination control.
  • Antiscalant for spent wash.
  • Settling aid for fermented wash.
  • Preservative for molasses.
  • Descaling chemical for heat exchangers.
  • Biocide for algae and slime control.
  • Single shot & boiling water treatment chemical.


  • Wetting agents.
  • Enzymes.
  • Non-formaldehyde based dye fixing agent.
  • Peroxide stabilizer.
  • Polyacrylates.
  • Acetic acid alternative.
  • Buffering and chelating agents.
  • Fabric softener.
  • Printing thickener.

Food & Beverages

  • Bottle washing compounds.
  • Lubricating additives.
  • Preservatives.
  • Antifoaming chemicals.
  • Descaling chemicals non acid.

Reverse Osmosis

  • Antiscalant.
  • Membrane cleaners.
  • Biocide.
  • Zero TDS pH enha.


  • Scale inhibit.
  • Biocide.
  • Defoamers.


  • Resins.
  • Activated Carbon.
  • Filtration sand media.
  • Minerals.
  • Dust suppression

General Maintainance

  • Rust converter.
  • Repair & maintenance coatings.
  • Specialized industrial greases & pastes.