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Fluidized Media Bio Reactor

Fluidized Media Bioreactor (FMBR) / Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) combines a conventional activated sludge treatment with a fluidized media process to increase the surface area for bacterial growth supported by higher design MLSS.

“ It’s a high performance combination of Chemical and Biological Treatment. ”

  • Biological Treatment Using Activated Sludge
  • Carrier Bio Media Based Filtration (MBBR/FMBR)
  • Highly Effective Treatment for Organic carbon removal and nitrification/de-nitrification wherever necessary
  • Highly reliable and robust solution for Waste Water Treatment


1. Health accommodating

The state-of-the-art technology and biological schemes used in this system make it more health-accommodating and eco-friendly.

2. Efficient and practical

While purifying wastewater, this system produces fewer amounts of solids without any use of a polymer which makes it more efficient than usual water treatment systems.

3. Small dimension

While different water treatment systems demand a large space to be placed, FMBR/MBBR wastewater system becomes compatible in a small footprint, which is all most 1/3rd the space other wastewater system needs.

4. Cost-efficiency

In comparison to other wastewater systems, FMBR/MBBR wastewater treatment is quite reasonable and come within budget-friendly expenses.

5. Convenient to use

The whole system is pretty flexible and easy-to-use. Its operating systems are flexible to control without any issues of media congestion.

Specially Designed Polymer Random Media Ensures

  • Better Life Cycle and more resistance to breakage and chipping preventing clogging of pipelines
  • Higher voidage with more surface area and greater biomass zone
  • Minimum loss of external surface area
  • More surface area per M3 stocking volume – Upto960 M2
  • Virgin material PE/PP/PVC for media


Available Variants Tertiary Treatment
Containerized: 5 M3/Day to 300 M3/Day MGF + ACF (Basic Filtrations)
Civil: 10 M3/Day to 20000 M3/Day Water Softening for Cooling Water Make-up Application
Portable (Low Height Areas): 2 M3/Day to 50 M3/Day (Zinc Aluminum Galvanized Tanks) Ultra Filtration
Reverse Osmosis (RO) – Zero Liquid Discharge / Re-process of Water