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Swimming Pool and Lake Revival

Pond and Lakes are a valuable natural resource. They add to the beauty of the landscape, provide recreation, and are a habitat for fish and wildlife and an additional water source if needed. However, the good health of a pond is held in a delicate balance. To restore a lake to health, it is essential to get oxygen down to the lake bottom.

Lake Eutrophication begins when the BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) of a lake cannot be met. When excessive pollution enters a lake, plant and algae growth dies and sinks to the bottom, thereby resulting in an overload of organic sludge. Lower forms of life on the lake bed die and this debris rots.

Major Causes Of Deterioration Of Lakes/Ponds/ Water Bodies

  • Sediments erode into the lake due to constructions.
  • Nutrients such as phosphorus that run off fertilized lawns or agricultural areas.
  • Industrial and Municipal Discharges (Untreated/Partially Treated).
  • Untreated waste water from various sources coming into lakes.
  • Stagnated water reservoirs/bodies cause Bio-degradation of organics falling from external sources & environment.


  • Destratification of surface by means of electro Mechanical Aerators.
  • Fine bubble diffused Aeration systems for enhanced oxygenation & upgrading water quality.
  • Filtration by means of coarse online self cleaning screens/rotary drum filters.

Features Of Aerators

  • Effective in Sludge Reduction.
  • Effective in B.O.D & C.O.D reduction.
  • Effective in algae control.
  • Synchronous belt drive system.
  • No gear boxes, reducing the risk of mechanical failure.
  • Maintenance Free System.
  • Effective in Odor Reduction.
  • De foaming-spray.
  • High capacity water movement with aeration incorporated in a discharge manifold.
  • Provides very high level of Oxygenations for low power consumption and modest costs.
  • Effective in De-stratifying, De-gassing, Oxygenating.
  • Energy Efficient and dissipate oxygen throughout the water body.
  • The Sprints can act as fountains with lights and can be used at various functions.
  • It provides Silent Operations with no Clogging.
  • Can be used in Gardens, Public Places, Ponds, Lakes & other Small and Large Water Bodies.